Name: Myamo

Birth date: Feb. 18
Current City: Tokyo
Hometown: New Jersey, USA
Profession: illustrations, character designs, Japanese to English (English to Japanese) translation etc.
Mediums: Photoshop, Painter, pencil, ink, COPIC marker

使用画材: Photoshop、Painter、コピック

Born in New Jersey in 1988 as an only child. Ever since Myamo was born, she loved drawing, painting, and making stories. When she was 5 years old, she moved to Japan with her family, and spend about 4 years in Nagoya. Then, went back to New Jersey when she was in third grade, and had hard time getting used to American culture and English. Moved several times in 4 years, and figured out that "Art" is the best communication tool to make friends. When she was 12 years old, again she moved back to Japan because of her father's business. During her middle school years, she encountered "Doujin" and "Otaku" culture, and started creating "Doujinshi" and original manga with her friends. (Became "Otaku" !!LOL) Again, Myamo moved back to New Jersey in high school sophomore year, and was surprised how Japanese Otaku culture filtered into the American culture. Made Otaku friends, and continued creating Doujin and original manga, and started contributing illustrations to Manga Revolution (Social Networking Site for Illustrators and people who loves manga) to have cultural exchanges among illustrators around the world. After graduating high school in 2006, went back to Japan and enrolled in Keio University and majored in Japanese Art History. Especially, studied Hokusai's illustrations.

In 2010, Myamo started creating art works and illustrations for exhibitions, and Digital magazine.

1988年にニュージャージー州に生まれる。一人っ子。生まれてからというもの、お絵描き、お話作りを好む。5歳になり、家族と共に日本に移り住む。そして4年間を名古屋で過ごす。3年生の時に再度ニュージャージーへ。しかし、アメリカ文化と英語に慣れるのに苦労する。4年間の間に幾度か引っ越しをする内に、『美術』が友達を作る上での最高のコミュニケーションツールだということに思い至る。12歳の時に、父の仕事の都合で再度日本へ。 中学時代に「同人」「オタク」文化に触れ、友達と同人誌やオリジナル漫画を制作し始める。(オタク開花!笑。)高校1年の時にまたまたニュージャージー州へ。アメリカに日本のオタク文化が浸透していることに驚く。アメリカでオタク友達を作り、同人誌・オリジナル漫画制作等を続ける傍ら、Manga RevolutionというSNSにて、世界中のイラストレーターや漫画好きな人達と交流するためにイラストを投稿し始める。